The model that will be shared this time is a model that has been tested in real life by many Megaways wild west gold slot gambling players. So make sure you give it a try. In this game you can see that there are 2 options namely Turbo Spin and Fast Spin where you can play like this:

  • Spin Turbo 20x
  • Quick Spin 10x
  • Spin Turbo 30x
  • Fast Spin 20x

You can use this method many times if the rounds are good, and if the results are still not good, stop the game for a moment and switch to another game first. Don’t be in a hurry to play slots because nothing is good if done in a hurry.

WWG Slot Games Excellence

The main advantage of the wild west gold Megaways slot game from PUSSY888 APK is the availability of an attractive and up-to-date demo version. The RTP of this Wild West Gold online slot has an RTP of 96.1%. It’s not surprising to hear that the RTP is this big, considering that Wild West Gold is a game from Pragmatic. Pragmatic Play is one of the most popular online slot providers because the slot games they release are of high quality and RTP. The volatility of the Wild West Gold game is very high.

You need to know what online slot volatility is. Volatility is an indication of how often gamblers win. The higher the volatility of the slot game odds, the lower the chances of winning BUT the wins and jackpots received will be bigger. Wild West Gold, as a pragmatic gambling game, is a high-risk game, but of course, in direct proportion to this risk, the reward is also very high.

Cracked Wild West Gold Slot Hours

Not many people know this secret but fear not because this site will tell you newbie gamblers and veteran gamblers alike the secret to Wild West gold slot gacor. Actually, this is just a rumor and we are still investigating the truth, but recently there have been rumors that this wild West Gold slot often wins from 6.00 to 6.15 WIB. The research results of our research and development team concluded that the cause of this issue was Wild West Gold a game made by Pragmatic Play based in Malta. 6 am West Indonesia Time is 00.00 or 12.00 noon in Malta. According to rumors, this is usually the time to reset the Wild West Gold server, so it is estimated that the probability of winning may increase at that time.

Wild West Gold Design

With the theme of the action genre, the design of this slot is made as attractive as possible. The scroll screen design takes on wood-like properties. Also, the poker symbols that fill the reels are designed to appear to be made of wood. Meanwhile, the paying symbols have iconic images of gold, guns, serifs, and cowboy townspeople. There is also a gold star symbol as a special scatter symbol. This game features graphics and characters that are typical of online slot machines. Overall, the visual and audio design is well-designed and looks good.


This game is very similar to the previous version, in which the animation and symbols used are still the same. The game’s RTP has dropped a bit but is still pretty good. We also provide Live RTP information with the latest updates from the Pragmatic in slot game. There is a wild symbol in the Wild West Gold Megaways slot which becomes the star of the game when it reaches Maxwin. This will help you make the match even easier to win. Wild West Gold is the latest slot from Pragmatic Play where they’ve added the Megaways mechanic from their classic game.

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