Door stops are the tools or devices that are used to keep the doors open or closed.

The door stops can be termed as useful tools or silent helpers that are being used in the offices as well homes. They perform several functions such as:

• Holding a door open
• Preventing a door from opening too far to protect the walls
• Door stops can prevent your children’s hands getting their hands by the heavy
slamming of the doors.

There is a wide range of door stops so that users have the option to choose the most suitable one for them. You will find a large number of online stores that offer a variety of door stops in different colors and designs. It depends upon the demands and needs of the people to choose the most appropriate door stop for them. Following are the different kinds of door stops:

• Funky door stops are designed with unique patterns.
• Novelty door stops
• Animal door stops are designed with animalistic patterns and shapes
• Fabric door stops
• Magnetic door stops

Fabric door stops and the Door Refinishing Magnetic door stops,Guest Posting the two widely used door stops, are mentioned in details as follows:

Fabric Door Stops

Fabric door stops perform two functions; practical and decorative. Some important features of the fabric door stops are:

• These door stops protect the doors by preventing the powerful slamming of the doors and create the beautiful look of the entire door frame.
• In the fabric door stops, the inner material is pretty heavy so they can keep the doors open or closed effectively.
• Most people prefer fabric door stops because they do not leave the scratch marks like the metal door stops.
• Since the fabric door stops are available in different shapes, patterns and colors, you can synchronize with colors and designs of your interiors.

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